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OOo Marketing Project

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Strategic Marketing Plan Pages:


For news reports on major deployments of the productivity suite inside governments, universities and other large instituitions and organizations, please see Major Deployments.

Feel free to contribute links to the press articles on the productivity suite in this page.

Apache OpenOffice

  • Apache OpenOffice press coverage is being tracked in the Apache CWiki


  • missing


  • Comparative Review of Word Processors, by Zaine Ridling —
    • an exhaustive and in-depth review on many word processor software available in both proprietary
      and open source sectors, included
    • the whole article with all JPG screenshots consume around 8 MB of bandwidth, modem users be warned


  • Calc adds support for Excel VBA, by Mark Alexander Bain —
  • 2.0.4 - Don't Blink, by D.C. Parris — Lxer Feature
  • OpenOffice goes Premium, by Jeremy Reimer — Ars Technica
  • OOoBasic crash course: Creating a lookup macro, by Dmitri Popov —
  • The state of, by Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier —
  • virus debunked by experts, by Bruce Byfield —
  • Creating professional documentation with Linux tools, by Scott Nesbitt —
  • Coming soon: ODF for MS Office, by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols — Linux-Watch
  • Why technical writers aren't using FOSS, by Bruce Byfield —
  • OpenOffice aims to boost lagging performance, by Tom Sanders —
  • The mystery of the missing mail merge, by Solveig Haugland —
  • 2.0.2 Includes More KDE Features, by Jan Holesovsky — KDE.News
  • Finding hidden treasures in OpenOffice 2.0's Charting Wizard, by Solveig Haugland —
  • 'Is really ten years behind MS Office?', by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols —
  • 'StarOffice 8: Office Killer?', by Martin C. Brown — LinuxPlanet
  • Writer, Does More Than Just Word Processing, by Kevin Shockey — TUX, Issue number 11: March 2006
  • How-to: Working wonders with OpenOffice 2.0's Web Wizard, by Solveig Haugland —
  • Desktop publishing with ( Writer and Scribus, by Dmitri Popov —
  • Step-by-step how-to: OpenOffice 2.0's new mail merge tools, by Solveig Haugland — Part 1 and Part 2,
  • How to get reports on OpenOffice 2.0 Base, by Solveig Haugland — Part 1 and Part 2,
  • 2.0 Impress: the Confusing Duckling Becomes a User-Friendly Swan, by Solveig L. Haugland — TUX, Issue number 10: February 2006
  • Base, by Kevin Shockey — TUX, Issue number 10: February 2006
  • Hacking dictionaries, by Bruce Byfield —
  • OpenOffice 2.0 - The latest OpenOffice comes with new file formats and many new features, by Michael Bona — Linux Magazine, Issue 63: February 2006
  • Publishing with OOo Writer and DokuWiki, by Dmitri Popov —
  • release reflects growing use of, by Bruce Byfield —
  • Connecting to existing databases in 2.0, by Solveig Haugland —


  • "Is there life without Microsoft Office?" by Allison Linn —
  • OpenOffice 2.0 tips: Creating database forms, by Solveig Haugland — Part 1 and Part 2,
  • OpenOffice 2.0 Base: Getting the right views, by Solveig Haugland —
  • How to use OpenOffice 2.0's database tool, by Solveig Haugland — Part 1 and Part 2,
  • OpenOffice tip: Everything about envelopes, by Solveig Haugland —
  • Four great macros, by Dmitri Popov —
  • Interview with Michael Meeks: a GNOME hacker working on speed — Linux Format Interview archive
  • NewsForge presents free training videos (in Macromedia Flash format) — Newsforge staff
  • 2.0 Review, by Jem Matzan — The Jem Report
  • Toolbars in 2.0, by Solveig Haugland — Part 1 and Part 2,
  • MadPenguin interview series over the launch of 2.0, by Christian Einfeldt
    • Part 1: Sun Microsystems' Florian Reuter: will the real XML please stand up!
    • Part 2: Gary Edwards: 2.0 leaping over legacy lockdown with clean XML
    • Part 3: 2.0: An Office Suite With No Horizons
  • Follow the expert: Making an 2.0 presentation, by Solveig Haugland —
  • An introduction to Basic, by Mark Alexander Bain —
  • Writing a Program to Control, by Franco Pingiori — Part 1 and Part 2, Linux Journal
  • Creating an invoicing system with, by Dmitri Popov —
  • FOSS word processors compared: OOo Writer, AbiWord, and KWord, by Bruce Byfield —
  • Sharing files between and Microsoft Office, by Bruce Byfield —
  • Writer vs. Microsoft Word, by Bruce Byfield —
  • FOSS spreadsheet hands-on comparison, by Bruce Byfield —


  • Building a map application with Calc, by Dmitri Popov —
  • Microsoft PowerPoint versus Impress, by Bruce Byfield —
  • Create a Letterhead Using Writer, by Jean Weber —
  • Getting the most from Writer fields, by Jean
  • Excerpt from the book Macros Explained, by Andrew Pitonyak
    • Getting started with macro —
    •'s integrated development environment —
  • Review: Using, by Peter H. Salus — Unix Review
  • is four years old today; community manager Louis Suarez-Potts talks about the changes, by Bruce Byfield —
  • Replacing FrameMaker with OOo Writer, by Bruce Byfield —
  • Technical Writing Using Writer, by Jean
  • Text Formatting with Writer, by Christian Paratschek —
  • Eleven Tips for Moving to, by Bruce Byfield — Linux Journal

Blogs on

  • Preparing the (Office) 2007 battles — Charles-H.Schulz, with information on bug report statistics, Intel sending engineers to help optimize, etc.
  • ODF in Firefox — Gervase Markham, a new extension for reading ODF document inside Firefox
    Note: The Firefox ODFReader extension since then was further developed by Alex Hudson[1]
    and is now hosted at the official Mozilla Update[2] extension database.
  • Google Supports OpenOffice, But Not (Yet) ODF — Stephen O'Grady, Google has started to support reading *.SXW ( 1.x file format) by converting it to HTML and hence viewable by most web browsers out there. Similar support is also provided for G-Mail users to view SXW document attachment[3].

Other sources for news on

Some suggestions
In order to create a one-stop central location for finding news, articles and reviews on, I recommend that links to relevant articles on from the following news source (and possibly other source) to be archived and re-posted on this Wiki page. What do you think? Feel free to speak up your mind in the Talk page. Your input is truly appreciated.--Wily Yuen Feb 14, 2006

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