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In addition to pure strings, text documents also contain formatting information. These may appear at any point in the text. The structure is further complicated by tables. These include not only single-dimensional strings, but also two-dimensional fields. Most word processing programs now finally provide the option of placing drawing objects, text frames and other objects within a text. These may be outside the flow of text and can be positioned anywhere on the page.

This chapter presents the central interfaces and services of text documents.

The first section deals with the anatomy of text documents and concentrates on how a Apache OpenOffice Basic program can be used to take iterative steps through a Apache OpenOffice document. It focuses on paragraphs, paragraph portions and their formatting.

The second section focuses on efficiently working with text documents. For this purpose, Apache OpenOffice provides several help objects, such as the TextCursor object, which extend beyond those specified in the first section.

The third section moves beyond work with texts. It concentrates on tables, text frames, text fields, bookmarks, content directories and more.

Information about how to create, open, save and print documents is described in Working with Documents, because it can be used not only for text documents, but also for other types of documents.

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