The Language of BASIC

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Jump to: navigation, search Basic belongs to the family of Basic languages. Many parts of Basic are identical to Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications and Microsoft Visual Basic. Anyone who has already worked with these languages can quickly become accustomed to Basic.

Programmers of other languages – such as Java, C++, or Delphi – should also find it easy to familiarize themselves with Basic. Basic is a fully-developed procedural programming language and no longer requires rudimentary control structures, such as GoTo and GoSub.

You can also benefit from the advantages of object-oriented programming since an interface in Basic enables you to use external object libraries. The entire API is based on these interfaces, which are described in more detail in the following chapters of this document.

This chapter provides an overview of the key elements and constructs of the Basic language, as well as the framework in which applications and libraries are oriented to Basic.

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