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Capstone2013 build system project

This page documents our analysis and studies of the build system, it is based on the gbuild findings

structure of a new build system

Target is to make a build system easy to use for windows programmers, IMHO it should be a microsoft visual studio solution. AOO is also delivered on MAC and different Linux versions, meaning we need to be able to generate makefiles as well, this is a second step.

A version of an ultimate goal

This is my current view of a ultimate goal.

Firstly this is outside the scope of the project, and just provided for understanding the role of the project Secondly this will for sure change, when it (after this project) will be discussed deeply on dev@

The basis of build system is a set of XML files - (the WHAT part) one for each module describing what to compile/link etc and the name of the corresponding rule - (the HOW part) a directory with all ruleset - (the EXECUTE part) a directory with xslt files that transform the HOW/WHAT into the actual build system.

Currently we basically need - a visual studio setup (.sln and .vproj), scope of this project - a set of makefiles for all unix based platforms And we might also want: - A Qt setup - A eclipse setup.

Important is that it must be relatively easy to add new build systems.

the build system (visual studio or makefiles) have the responsibility of generating EXE and support files. The last step of the build system is to call a packager which are highly individual for each platform.

Success criteria for this project

We only concentrate on visual studio, knowing what the ultimate target is.

Refactoring the current build system to a visual studio project is a very large acomplisment where I and the whole community will be gratefull. It is important to reach this goal before thinking about "whats next".

If I at the end of the project can start visual studio open solution AOO, press F5 and end up with a exe and support files, then we have reached our goal.

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