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Zen of gbuild

  • One use make process, do not recurse.
  • Always have good dependencies and good clean targets.
  • Have exactly one $(OUTDIR) target per declaration file.
  • Use only tools as defined by POSIX:2008 and supported on all platforms. Exception: GNU extensions are allowed for cp, make, tar and touch.
  • Use only POSIX sh, POSIX awk, C/C++ and GNU make in gbuild core.
  • Otherwise, put the file in the extensions subdirectory and do not depend the core functionality on it.
  • Use the gb_Output_* functions for notifications.
  • Keep all platform specific stuff confined in the platform subdirectory of gbuild.
  • Never use relative paths, only absolute paths starting with $(OUTDIR), $(WORKDIR) and the repository roots (for example $(SRCDIR)) should be used.
  • Adhere to the Zen of Python, for it is valid in any language.
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