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Build Environment Effort

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  • create runnable instance of OOo in solver
    • solver becomes incrementally filled office tree
    • libraries can be executed from solver
    • UNO services are registered from text files
    • configurable place for solver
  • build should not modify source tree
    • configurable place for output directories
  • platform independent help content
  • evaluate integration of OOo SDK and OOo build environments
  • find a way to move out localization completely (localize only strings, not resources)
    • which resource types can be localized
    • which of them do we localize
    • find replacements for all non-string types
    • do we have the best file format for localizations?
  • get rid of STLPORT
  • merge the different ways to configure a build environment ("configure","setsolar"(Sun))
  • get rid of HID.LST
  • get rid of superfluous compiler switches, check "noopt" directives
  • always enable exceptions, check if removing of throw() directives (to limit code size) is possible
  • get rid of service registration in packing process
  • don't use image modules for rsc compilation, use list in solver instead
  • move external tarballs out of the code repository

GNU make migration

  • fix devtools linking on windows DONE
  • make GNU make>=3.81 and GNU touch (from findutils) available on all bots DONE
  • check rpath stuff on solaris DONE
  • fix internal windows bots for new top level files DONE
  • fix otool linking on OSX DONE
  • use GNUCOPY when available DONE

  • provide Pkgconfig target class LATER
    • find solution for gtk2 quickstarter LATER
  • Cleanup tools/pathutils library linking LATER
  • Check which parts of checkdeliver are still sensible
  • use -showIncludes form dep generation on windows
  • provide TestFixture target for cppunittests
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