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Build Environment Effort

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About this template

General documentation about the build environment is here. This page is about the effort to improve our build environment we have just started. The complete build environment and accompanying processes and infrastructure are on trial. The results of this evaluation, discussions about them, a roadmap for future changes and milestones of past, present and future (or links to that) will appear on this page. As we didn't have a better idea, we just called our project "Build Environment 2.0".

Please don't read "project" as something like an "OOo project", it's not of that kind. It's used in the meaning of a "coordinated effort".

About the project

With the preparations for our switch to a DSCM in mind and responding to all the problems in our daily work, we founded a team that will create a new build infrastructure for everybody working on The team consists of (in alphabetical order)

  • Mathias Bauer (Project lead)
  • Hasan Ilter (QA)
  • Hans-Joachim Lankenau (Releease engineering)
  • Björn Michaelsen (Development)
  • Jens-Heiner Rechtien (Release engineering)

Everything around the project "Build Environment 2.0" will be documented in the wiki, including work in progress, discussions etc. Our plan is to define the "customers" of our build infrastructure, understand their requirements and working styles and try to find the best balance between them.

Activities already ongoing or finished

At the start of this project, it makes sense to list changes that already on their way, partially started long before this project. Some of them match the scope of this project, others can be used to base future work on.

Tracking project progress

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