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OOo Extensions project

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Extensions on the main site

Extensions in other languages:
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Developing extensions is an efficient way to bring value to OpenOffice.org without diving into core sources. Obviously all developers willing to develop at OpenOffice.org sources level are welcomed.

OpenOffice.org enables third party tools creation through UNO bridges, allowing using many languages.

The principle is to create UNO packages that can be listed in the OpenOffice.org Extensions repository and installed by end-users easily.

This section wants to give newcomers as well as experienced developers some hints to develop Extensions in their desired languages and provide them with tools and frameworks that ease and homogenize the development.

Finally, popular Extensions may be integrated into OpenOffice.org so it is important to follow common policies from beginning to ease this merging.

Starting in a language

Addons can be written in various languages. Each section is here to give starting informations that let you create your addons. Each section is dedicated to a language. It deals with specific points concerning the Extensions aspect. Resources regarding the OpenOffice.org API can be found on the API project and UNO bridges languages issues on the UDK project

The translations of these pages are welcomed and guidelines are available.

Articles & Tutorials

Tools & Frameworks

Best Practices

Project: Enhancing the Extensions Infrastructure of OpenOffice.org

Improving the Extension Manager

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