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原文:OpenOffice.org offers the possibility to develop independent 3rd party extensions. The categories of extensions reach from Basic libraries, packages with Java/JavaScript or Python macros to more sophisticated extensions in form of UNO components implemented in Java, C++ or Python. Even the last category of extensions subdivide in general UNO components providing new implementations for existing functional areas or specialized components like Calc Add-Ins, Add-Ons, DataPilots, Chart Add-Ins or linguistic components (e.g. Spellchecker, Hyphenator or Thesaurus).



The Extension project has to be strongly bound to Native-Lang communities to relay any local third party development. So we warmly welcomed people interested in providing translations for the Add-ons and also for the documentation and pages of this site.


The naming convention proposed is to

  • Create a new page taking the English page and add your language code as suffix (eg. Extensions_repository_fr)
  • Put a link to this translated page at the top of the English page, with the language code
  • Be aware that if you start a translation, it would be good to monitor it so that it remains as much in sync as possible


  • 创建一个新的英文讨论页面并将您的语言代码作为附加码(比如 Extensions_repository_zh)
  • 在英文页面的顶部使用语言代码添加此翻译页面的链接
  • 注意,一旦您开始了一个翻译,最好监视此页面以保持它的内容的同步


  • Calc Add-Ins provide new Calc built in functions which can be directly used over the normal function dialog in the Calc application.
  • Add-ons describe components providing some new functionality and normally coming with an UI integration (e.g. new menu entries or complete new menues, new toolbars).
  • DataPilots provide a new kind of data pilot which can be used directly over the DataPilot dialog in the Calc application.
  • Chart Add-Ins provide a new chart type
  • Linguistic components provide new implementations of known interfaces which can be used directly over the normal UI.
  • Starting with OOo 2.0.4 we have support for non-code extensions (e.g. templates, autotexts)


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