Extension Development with IntelliJ IDEA

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Although there is no dedicated OpenOffice API plugin for Intellij IDEA, it is still possible to use it for plugin-development. Three steps are necessary:

(0. create a new java-extension using plugin-wizard of the Nebeans plugin.=

1. Add the build.xml generated by Netbeans as an ant-file in IDEA.

2. Add the following jar-libraries to your IDEA-project

  • C:/Program Files/OpenOffice.org 2.2/program/classes/juh.jar
  • C:/Program Files/OpenOffice.org 2.2/program/classes/jurt.jar
  • C:/Program Files/OpenOffice.org 2.2/program/classes/jut.jar
  • C:/Program Files/OpenOffice.org 2.2/program/classes/officebean.jar
  • C:/Program Files/OpenOffice.org 2.2/program/classes/ridl.jar
  • C:/Program Files/OpenOffice.org 2.2/program/classes/unoil.jar

3. Finally, to make the ant-file work in IDEA, it is necessary to define two additional ant-properties (oo.sdk.home, office.home). Afterwards you'll able to build and to deploy your OpenOffice-extensions using IDEA.

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