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Code Contributions

We have received patch contributions from other developers and some really nice features as well. Credit where credit is due as they say.

Open Source Spellchecker

When OpenOffice.org was made an Open Source project by releasing the former StarOffice code base we still had a proprietary third-party spell checker that still could be used in StarOffice, but we didn't have linguistic tools usable in Open Source. So we where very pleased that Kevin B. Hendricks implemented them using the well known Open Source project myspell and so added a great component to OpenOffice.org. Later on Laszlo Nemeth extended myspell to hunspell and reworked the OpenOffice.org integration of it.

WordPerfect import filter

William Lachance, the author of the libwpd library, created an awesome filter for OpenOffice.org based on this library.

Support for Smart Tags in Writer

Jakob Lechner designed and implemented a UNO interface for the interaction between Writer and external Smart Tag libraries. Thanks also to his employer Fabalabs who sponsored this implementation by allowing Jakob to work on it during his company working time.

New implementation for notes (comments)

Maximilian Odendahl joined us in a Google Summer Of Code project to implement a new improved notes user interface for OpenOffice.org 3.0. Since then he is still working on further notes improvements and also contributed a lot of other bug fixes and improvements.

Automatic baseline alignment for Math objects in Writer

In this Google Summer Of Code project Michal Spisiak implemented this severely missing feature for OOo Writer. Thanks also goes to Eric Bachard for mentoring the project.

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