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   * Real name: Mathias Bauer
   * Born: 16.12.1957
   * Living in Hamburg, Germany
   * Married, 4 children
   * Studies in Chemistry, finished with a Doctors degree
   * Software developer since >25 years
   * Joined StarOffice Development in 1995
   * Manager Software Engineering at Sun MicroSystems Inc. for the Teams Application Framework, Writer, Math
   * Hobbies: Music, Chess, Photography, Sports (Soccer, Volleyball) - if time permits ;-)
   * Project Lead OOo Writer
   * Project Co-Lead OOo Framework

At the university I worked on magnetic properties of small sized particles and so entered the great world of software development:

- communication software for retrieval of data from spectrometers

- numerical analysis of Mössbauer spectra and other measurement data (non-linear curve fitting, genetic algorithms, numerical integration)

- graphical representation of measurement data

After finishing my studies I decided to stay in software development and joined URW, a German company that was famous for their premier quality fonts and graphical software. I worked on an application for commercial art called "Signus".

In 1995 I joined StarDivision and had the great pleasure to be a part of the team that created the first version of StarOffice. When Sun took over Star Division in 1999, I became a Sun employee. When the project was started I became the Project Lead of the Application Framework project. I was heavily involved in the development on the framework API and the extensions infrastructure we built upon it.

Then I got more and more involved with the Writer project and became its project lead in November 2006.

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