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Returns a date which is a given number of workdays away.

This function is only available if the Analysis AddIn is installed.


WORKDAY(startdate; days; hols_range)

returns the date that is days workdays after the given date startdate.
days is a number (which may be negative to find a date before startdate).
Saturday and Sunday are assumed to be non-working days. hols_range (optional) is a range containing dates of other non-working days.


WORKDAY("2008-09-05"; 1)

returns the date-time serial number for Monday 8Sep08. 5Sep08 is a Friday.

WORKDAY("2008-09-05"; 1; D1:D2)

where D1 contains 8Sep08 and D2 contains 25Dec08, returns the date-time serial number for 9Sep08. The 8Sep08 is specified as a holiday.

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