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returns the date, given the year, month and day of the month.


DATE(year; month; day)

returns the date, expressed as a date-time serial number.
year is an integer between 1583 and 9956 or between 0 and 99; month and day are integers.

If month and day are not within range for a valid date, the date will 'roll over', as shown below.


DATE(2007; 11; 9)

returns the date 9th November 2007 (as a date-time serial number).

DATE(2007; 12; 32)

returns 1st January 2008 - the date rolls over, as 32nd December 2007 is not valid.

DATE(2004; 3; 0)

returns 29th February 2004 - the date rolls over backwards, as 0th March 2004 is not valid. 2004 was a leap year.

DATE(2006; 15; 8)

returns 8th March 2007 - the date rolls over, as there are only 12 months in a year

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