Using SDBCX to Access the Database Design

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The Extension Layer SDBCX

SDBCX Object design

The SDBCX layer introduces several abstractions built upon the SDBC layer that define general database objects, such as catalog, table, view, group, user, key, index, and column, as well as support for schema and security tasks. These objects are used to manage database design tasks. The ability of the SDBCX layer to define new data structures makes it an alternative to SQL DDL. The above Illustration 1 gives an overview to the SDBCX objects an their containers.

All objects mentioned previously have matching containers, except for the catalog. Each container implements the service The interfaces that the container supports depend on the objects that reside in it. For instance, the container for keys does not support an interface. These containers are used to add and manage new objects in a catalog. The users and groups container manage the control permissions for other SDBCX objects, such as tables and views.

The illustration below shows the container specification for SDBCX DatabaseDefinition services.

Database definition
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