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The ResultSet objects represent the output of an SQL SELECT command in data rows and columns to retrieve the data using a row cursor that points to one data row at a time. The following illustration shows the inheritance of Each layer of the Apache OpenOffice API database integration adds capabilities to Apache OpenOffice API result sets.

The fundamental is the most powerful of the three result set services. Basically this result set is sufficient to process SELECT results. It is used to navigate through the resulting rows, and to retrieve and update data rows and the column values in a row.


The can add bookmarks through and allows row deletion by bookmarks through

The service extends the service by the additional interface that allows the user to access information about the appearance of the selected columns in the application. The interface XColumnsSupplier returns a of ResultColumns.


The service inherits the properties of the services and

The following table explains the properties introduced with For the inherited properties, refer to the section Tables and Columns.

Properties of
IsSearchable boolean - Indicates if the column can be used in a "WHERE" clause.
IsSigned boolean - Indicates if values in the column are signed numbers.
IsCaseSensitive boolean - Indicates if a column is case sensitive.
DisplaySize long - Indicates the column's normal, maximum width in chars.
Label string - Gets the suggested column title for use with GUI controls and printouts.
IsReadOnly boolean - If True, cannot write to the column.
IsWritable boolean - If True, an attempt to write to the column may succeed.
IsDefinitelyWritable boolean - If True, the column is writable.
ServiceName string - Returns the fully-qualified name of the service that is returned when the method getObject() is called to retrieve a value from the column.
TableName string - Gets the database table name where the column comes from.
SchemaName string - Gets the schema name of the column.
CatalogName string - Gets the catalog name of the column.
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