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Data sources in the database context of Apache OpenOffice API offer two methods to establish a connection, a non-interactive and an interactive procedure. Use the interface to connect. It consists of:

  // establish connection
  com::sun::star::sdbc::XConnection getConnection( 
                  [in] string user, [in] string password)
  // timeout for connection failure
  void setLoginTimeout( [in] long seconds)
  long getLoginTimeout()

If a database does not support logins, pass empty strings to getConnection(). For instance, use getConnection() against dBase data sources like Bibliography:

  XNameAccess xNameAccess = (XNameAccess)UnoRuntime.queryInterface(
      XNameAccess.class, _rMSF.createInstance(""));
  // we use the Bibliography data source
  XDataSource xDS = (XDataSource)UnoRuntime.queryInterface(
      XDataSource.class, xNameAccess.getByName("Bibliography"));
  // simple way to connect
  XConnection xConnection = xDS.getConnection("", "");

However, if the database expects a login procedure, hard code the user and password, although this is not advisable. Data sources support an advanced login concept. Their interface starts an interactive login, if necessary:

  com::sun::star::sdbc::XConnection connectWithCompletion(
                  [in] com::sun::star::task::XInteractionHandler handler)

When you call connectWithCompletion(), Apache OpenOffice API shows the common login dialog to the user if the data source property IsPasswordRequired is true. The login dialog is part of the provided by the global service factory.

  // logs into a database and returns a connection
  // expects a reference to the global service manager logon(XMultiServiceFactory _rMSF) throws {
      // retrieve the DatabaseContext and get its interface
      XNameAccess xNameAccess = (XNameAccess)UnoRuntime.queryInterface(
          XNameAccess.class, _rMSF.createInstance(""));
      // get an Adabas D data source Ada01 generated in the GUI
      Object dataSource = xNameAccess.getByName("Ada01");
      // create a and get its XInteractionHandler interface
      Object interactionHandler = _rMSF.createInstance("");
      XInteractionHandler xInteractionHandler = (XInteractionHandler)UnoRuntime.queryInterface(
          XInteractionHandler.class, interactionHandler);
      // query for the XCompletedConnection interface of the data source
      XCompletedConnection xCompletedConnection = (XCompletedConnection)UnoRuntime.queryInterface(
          XCompletedConnection.class, dataSource);
      // connect with interactive login
      XConnection xConnection = xCompletedConnection.connectWithCompletion(xInteractionHandler);
      return XConnection;
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