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| [[User:wyrfel|André Wyrwa]]||wyrfel||wyrfel||-||-||[http://wyrfel.reukauf.com Wyrtual Life]|| ||
| [[User:wyrfel|André Wyrwa]]||wyrfel||wyrfel||-||-||[http://wyrfel.reukauf.com Wyrtual Life]|| ||
| [[User:ChristophNoack|Christoph Noack]]||christophnoack||christoph_n||Interaction Designer||-||-|| ||

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Name mail@openoffice.org IRC Notes Affiliation Blog Image
Lutz Hoeger lh lutzh Project lead OOo UX project,
Sr. Manager User Experience StarOffice & OpenOffice.org
Sun Microsystems, Inc. GullFOSS lutz-2c-cropped-135.jpg
Matthias Müller-Prove mmp mprove Project co-lead OOo UX project,
User Experience Engineer and Interaction Designer
Sun Microsystems, Inc. GullFOSS mmp.jpg
Bettina Haberer bh bettina_h User Experience Engineer Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Christian Jansen cj chris-j User Experience Engineer Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Frank Loehmann fl frankl User Experience Engineer Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Gustavo Gawry gawry gawry User Experience Analyst Sirius Interativa (portuguese) Gawry (portuguese)
Cor Nouws cornouws cornouws OpenOffice.org trainer
OOo extensions developer
Nou&Off (Dutch)
André Wyrwa wyrfel wyrfel - - Wyrtual Life
Christoph Noack christophnoack christoph_n Interaction Designer - -

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