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mmp.jpg User Experience Engineer and Interaction Designer

Ex-Co-Lead of (January - December 2007)

Website: Blog: Location: Germany, Hamburg


Hi, I will move on to work for a different product at Sun. Therefore it does not make sense to continue to be a co-lead for the User Experience Project any longer. It was a fun ride. Cheers, Matthias.



I would like to introduce myself. Long overdue. But here we go.

Matthias Müller-Prove, Diplom (MSc) in Computer Science at U of Hamburg with special focus on human-computer interaction and the history of hypertext and graphical user interfaces.

Before Sun I worked for Adobe Systems as User Interface Manager (among other job titles) on the web editor Adobe GoLive (fka Cyberstudio).

Then I joined Sun Microsystems - 5 years ago - to work as Product Manager and User Experience Engineer. Those were the days of 1.1. Remember?

I am glad that we finally opened this discuss channel for issues affecting the user experience of OOo. Lot's of stuff has happened over the past years -- but it was very very scattered among issues and specifications.

As co-lead of the project, my goal is to inspire an active community of usability and design professionals to improve the user experience of OOo.

Past Areas of Involvement

I announce my specs at

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