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OOo Native Language Confederation

Please view the wiki usage guidelines
before contributing.



NLC on the main site

Nlcsmall.png 欢迎光临本地语言联盟(NLC)的Wiki










  • 访问[1]获取管理方面的信息。
  • 学会区分级别1本地语言项目和级别2本地语言项目。

级别2项目是“正规”本地语言项目(native-language projects),而级别1项目主要是本地化项目(localization projects)(参见[2]获取更多关于本地化项目的信息),它们理所应当地在OpenOffice.org上占有一些网页空间。OpenOffice.org不对这些(级别1)项目提供设计网页、管理邮件列表和撰写文档的支持,但是OpenOffice.org鼓励它们在QA上运作。

  • 一旦你选定了你的项目的级别,你就需要做以下工作:
    • 评估你的资源(人力资源、物力资源和可以投入项目的时间)
    • 查看一下您的语言是否还没有实现本地化,或者还没有开始本地化工作。参见[3],这是一份关于OpenOffice.org本地化的全面的列表。
    • Draft and post a proposal on the and lists. Your proposal should describe your goals, your resources and introduce yourself and your team. Please mention what level you wish to give to your project
  • Once your project has been accepted by the NLC leads and by the consensus of the native-lang projects' leads, please follow these instructions:
    • Indicate the desired domain name for your project: it should be the two or three letters corresponding to the ISO code of your language. 请注意:本地语言项目是基于语言的,而不是基于国家的!
    • Indicate your username and if necessary your co-lead's username
    • Register yourself to the NLC
    • Indicate if you signed and sent/faxed the JCA See: [4]
    • The NLC leads will open an issue that may take some time to be approved (not more than 10 days) then your project will be set up.

Now you need to submit your ssh keys and work with CVS

Whether it is for editing your website or contribute code, uses CVS. It is actually the same CVS platform that is being used for both the website and the development platform. In order to be able to use's CVS and access your new native-lang project's website you need to:

  • Open an issue (separate from the issue opening your new native-language project) and file it as follows: component "www" and subcomponent " website general issues" with your key in attachment. Assign it to "ssh2key". Also make sure to specify what part of the website you want to work with. In the NLC case, that would be your new native-lang project, so specify the two letters forming the domain name of your new project. For example, if your project is, specify "xy". If your project is, specify "xyz"
  • 阅读[5](英文),学习如何使用CVS。

You are ready to go!



Some of Native-Lang Confederation Projects started to use this wiki for organizing parts of their work. You can access these wiki pages from the


List of N-L Projects Wiki Pages

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