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This is Chapter 5 of the 3 Calc Guide, produced by the ODFAuthors group. A PDF of this chapter is available from this wiki page.


Calc is often used to present data and make forecasts and predictions. Graphics can turn an average document into a memorable one.Calc can import various vector (line drawing) and raster (bitmap) file formats. The most commonly used graphic formats are GIF, JPG, PNG, and BMP. See See Graphic file types supported for a full list of the formats OOo can import.

Graphics in Calc are of three basic types:

  • Image files, including photos, drawings, and scanned images
  • Diagrams created using OOo’s drawing tools
  • Charts and graphs created using Calc’s Chart facility

This chapter covers images and diagrams. Charts are described in Creating Charts and Graphs.

Although using graphics in Calc is very similar to using graphics in any other component of, this chapter explains some of the differences in their use. It also covers some of the more advanced graphics functions and how they can further enhance your spreadsheet.

Documentation note.png The term graphics refers to both pictures and drawing objects. Often the word images is used when referring to pictures and other graphics that are not drawing objects.

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