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Returns the result of a Student's t-test.


TTEST(data1; data2; mode; type)

data1 and data2 are ranges or arrays (possibly of different size) containing numbers, on which the t-test is performed.
mode is
1 for a one-tailed t-test
2 for a two-tailed t-test.
type is
1 for paired samples
2 for two samples with equal variance
3 for two samples with unequal variance.
Advanced topic:
The parameters data1 and data2 are always evaluated as array formulas.


TTEST(A2:A20; B2:20; 2; 3)

returns the result of a two-tailed Student's t-test for two samples with unequal variance, using the data in A2:A20 and B2:20.

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