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Spreadsheet Functions
Spreadsheet Lookup functions
Spreadsheet Information functions
Other functions

List of Calc 'Spreadsheet' functions

The so-called 'Spreadsheet' functions find values in tables, or cell references; they include LOOKUP, SEARCH, ADDRESS. They could thus also be described as 'Lookup' functions.

Spreadsheet Lookup functions
ADDRESS returns a text representation of a cell reference, given row and column numbers.
CHOOSE returns a value from a list, given an index number.
HLOOKUP returns a value from a table row, in the column found by lookup in the first row.
INDEX returns a value from a table, given a row and column number.
INDIRECT returns a reference, given a text string.
LOOKUP returns result from one single-cell-wide table, corresponding to a lookup search in another.
MATCH returns the position of a search item in a single row or column table.
OFFSET returns a modified reference, given a reference, an offset, and a desired size.
VLOOKUP returns a value from a table column, in the row found by lookup in the first column.

Spreadsheet Information functions
AREAS returns the number of areas in a given reference.
COLUMN returns the column number(s), given a reference.
COLUMNS returns the number of columns in a given reference.
ERRORTYPE returns the number corresponding to an error value.
INFO returns information about the current working environment.
ROW returns the row number(s), given a reference.
ROWS returns the number of rows in a given reference.
SHEET returns the sheet number, given a reference.
SHEETS returns the number of sheets in a given reference.

Other functions
DDE returns information from other documents and applications, using the "DDE" protocol.
HYPERLINK sets a cell to open a hyperlink (in another application) when clicked.
STYLE applies a style (for example a colour) to a cell.

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