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List of Calc Text functions

ARABIC returns an Arabic number (eg 14), given a Roman number (eg XIV)
ASC converts full-width to half-width ASCII and katakana characters.
BAHTTEXT returns Thai text, given a number
BASE returns a text representation of a number, in a specified base radix.
CHAR returns a single text character, given a character code.
CLEAN returns a text string with non-printing characters removed.
CODE returns the numeric code for the first character in a text string.
CONCATENATE combines several text strings into one string.
DECIMAL returns a decimal number, given a text representation and its base radix.
DOLLAR returns text representing a number in your local currency format.
EXACT returns TRUE if two text strings are identical
FIND returns the position of a string of text within another string.
FIXED returns a number as text with a specified format.
JIS converts half-width to full-width ASCII and katakana characters.
LEFT returns text from the beginning of a text string.
LEN returns the length of a text string.
LOWER converts a text string to lowercase.
MID returns text from the middle of a text string.
PROPER returns text with words in lowercase after a capitalised first letter.
REPLACE replaces part of a text string with a different text string.
REPT returns a text string comprised of copies of another text string.
RIGHT returns text from the end of a text string.
ROMAN returns a Roman numeral (eg XIV), given a number.
SEARCH returns the position of a text segment within a text string.
SUBSTITUTE substitutes new text for old text in a text string.
T returns the given text, or an empty text string if the target is not text.
TEXT converts a number into text according to a given format.
TRIM removes excess spaces from a text string.
UNICHAR converts a code number into a Unicode character or letter.
UNICODE returns the numeric code for Unicode for the first character in a text string.
UPPER converts a text string to uppercase.
VALUE returns a number, given a text representation.


The ODFF standard lists these text functions, which are available in Calc: ASC, JIS

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