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Numeric Function Function Returns
ABS(number) Absolute value of number
ACOS(float) Arccosine, in radians, of float
ASIN(float) Arcsine, in radians, of float
ATAN(float) Arctangent, in radians, of float
ATAN2(float1, float2) Arctangent, in radians, of float2 / float1
CEILING(number) Smallest integer >= number
COS(float) Cosine of float radians
COT(float) Cotangent of float radians
DEGREES(number) Degrees in number radians
EXP(float) Exponential function of float
FLOOR(number) Largest integer <= number
LOG(float) Base e logarithm of float
LOG10(float) Base 10 logarithm of float
MOD(integer1, integer2) Remainder for integer1 / integer2
PI() The constant pi
POWER(number, power) number raised to (integer) power
RADIANS(number) Radians in number degrees
RAND(integer) Random floating point for seed integer
ROUND(number, places) number rounded to places places
SIGN(number) -1 to indicate number is < 0; 0 to indicate number is = 0; 1 to indicate number is > 0
SIN(float) Sine of float radians
SQRT(float) Square root of float
TAN(float) Tangent of float radians
TRUNCATE(number, places) number truncated to places places

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