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Documentation note.png This page contains very detailed rules for the administration of the wiki and is not a required read for the average contributor. The important rules can be found at the Wiki Contribution Guidelines.
Topic Hints Examples
  • Use Subpages to group related content.
  • A good name is short and descriptive. If the name is logical and easy, many more people will link to it.
  • A good name is more likely to look like a chapter title of a book than a complete sentence.
  • This Wiki allows you to create pages with a single word as a name, but try to use at least two words - we don't want to exhaust the name space :-).
  • Double-check WikiNames for typos - otherwise someone will create a misnamed page! Misnamed pages are bad, since linking to them requires more effort than to a logical, correct WikiName.
Ownership and Categories
  • Make sure that a page is in at least one subcategory of Category:Project.
  • That project needs to make sure the page is maintained.
  • It does not have to be a direct subcategory of Category:Project. For example: Category:Writer/People is fine too, as it is a subcategory of Category:Writer, which is a subcategory of Category:Project.
  • Dont assign a page to multiple categories if one is an subcategories of another. Just use the most specific category. This eases reordering and reorganisation of categories.

H1 is used for the title of a wiki page. Therefore it is better to start with == Heading 2 == for your own content.

Page Contents
  • Avoid the "click here" phrase!! Don't say: "More info about etiquette can be found here" but use "More info about etiquette can be found at DescriptiveName". This makes it easier for users who require assistive technologies to use the web page.
  • Use Wikilinks ([[Main Page]]), Interwiki-Links ([[Wikipedia:Wikipedia]]), IDLTagExtension-Links(<idl></idl>) and Category:Templates for links whereever possible. Avoid plain old Links ([]), whereever possible.
  • Avoid copying and pasting other people's content unless you have permission or the content is explicitly in the public domain. If you want to quote an excerpt from other content, please attribute the original source.
  • Correcting typos is encouraged.
  • Be polite and constructive.

If you want to comment on the page's content, do so in the Discussion tab:

  1. Click on the Discussion tab at the top of the page
  2. If there is already discussion on what you want to say, click on the "edit" button for that section and leave a comment after the existing comments. You can indent your comments by putting a colon (":") at the beginning of each paragraph. This is helpful when replying to previous comments.
  3. If you are starting a new topic, click on the "+" sign near the edit tab at the top. Write the subject of your comment in the "Subject/Headline" box, and write your comment in the main text box.
  4. Always sign your username in discussions. Do this automatically with four tildes ("~~~~")
Watching Pages

If you keep "Watch this page" selected, it will be added to your watchlist (no, you won't be sent e-mails when they are updated, unless you ask it to in your preferences).

Bad Pages
  • If your page shows up in the Maintenance reports, you likely did something wrong
  • If you find a page ignoring these guidelines and you can not fix it (for example because you do not know the language) add {{PageIgnoresWikiGuidelines}} at the top of it to notify the original author.
  • If a page with {{PageIgnoresWikiGuidelines}} is not fixed after ~2 weeks, you may either:
  • Check for and remove broken redirects.
  • Check for and remove double redirects.

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