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Navigating the {{{PROJECTNAME}}} Project Wiki

To navigate to different pages in the {{{PROJECTNAME}}} Project Wiki, click on the links in the sidebar on the top right of most {{{PROJECTNAME}}} Project pages.

By clicking on a category, you will view all the pages that have been added to that category.

Pages are the Project's main pages, or help organize the wiki.

Notes about using the Wiki

  • Each page has both an Article tab and a Discussion tab (although the "Discussion" tab may not have any content). The Article tab is for the content in development. The Discussion tab is for commentary on the content.
  • Red links or tabs indicate pages that do not exist.
  • You must be registered and logged in to edit the Wiki (we recommend using the same username as on the OpenOffice.org website). This prevents spamming, the cleaning of which takes away from our time spent contributing!

Contributing to the {{{PROJECTNAME}}} Project Wiki

Project-independent guidelines

Documentation note.png See the general project-independent guidelines at Wiki Contribution Guidelines first!

Announcing changes

  • Announce the changes to the {{{MAILINGLISTADDRESS}}} mailing list (if you need to subscribe first, send a blank e-mail to sympa@ux.openoffice.org with "subscribe" as the subject) or to the people who are working on the page (by clicking on their user name, then on the "e-mail this user" link on the left column of their user page).

Wiki editing tools and resources

Final Note on Contributing

Wiki is intended for collaborative work and for immediate access to start writing. Because the wiki is new and lots of discussion still takes place on the mailing list, we strongly encourage you to announce new pages or major changes to the list.

We hope you don't find this too complicated, and that you do find it fun to work on the {{{PROJECTNAME}}} Project!

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