Redflag CH2000 To-Do list

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Issue ID Feature name Short description Link to specification
UOF2ODF plugin plugin between UOF and ODF
Bias Table Head Insert diagonal table header
Rehearse_timing This feature is to enhance ease of use with slideshow .In order to apply customized slideshow time in rehearsal mode to following presentation.
Page margins Add resizeable margin on page preview
Data Filter There are three purposes of this feature. The first is to add some filter conditions to standard filter dialog, they are “Include”, “NoInclude”, “Start”, “NoStart”, “End”, “NoEnd”. The second is to add a Top10 dialog. The last is to add “empty” and “notempty” to AutoFilter popup list.
Punctuation Compression Makes Chinese character can be compressed
Header Footer Don't change margin when user added header or footer.
Page Number Page number insertion
Register Image into system In the RedOffice installation process,choose whether or not the following file types as the default application :Microsoft word,Microsoft Excel,Microsoft PowerPoint.
Find Special Character Add feature of search special character in “Find and replace” dialog
Make margin on Page Preview can be resized manually On Page Preview, make the margin can be resized manually.
Page Preview In the left-bottom of the Page Preview, shows totally page numbers and current page number.
Insert Function Options Add the item “common functions” in “Functions Wizard – Functions - Category"
Set Current System time and date for Field dialog Time field displays local time
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