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About adding a new feature that "page margins and scaling factor on page preview in Calc"

This function can be described as follows:

In 2.3, there was no resizeable margins on page preview. It was just a page. If you want to change margins of the page you have to change them through the page style dialog box. So it is very handy to have the margins of the page changed by dragging indicators. In addition, Scaling Factor is added to the toolbar. This feature would make the user get immediate feedback when changing this setting and she could see how the printout will look like.
Add resizeable margin on page preview. so we can easily formating the documents when we need to print.
the Specification of this new feature

Mock-up proposal of new Page Preview tool bar: File:Print ScalingFactor.odt
Mock-up proposal of the slider border:File:The ZoomSlider's border.odt

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