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About a new feature that adds some filter-conditions and a Top10 Filter dialog in data filter.


There are three purposes of this feature. The first is to add some filter conditions to standard filter dialog, they are “Include”, “NoInclude”, “Start”, “NoStart”, “End”, “NoEnd”. The second is to add a Top10 dialog. The last is to add “empty” and “notempty” to AutoFilter popup list.
the Specification of this feature

Related issues

  • issue 35578 for Empty and Non-Empty conditions in AutoFilter.
  • issue 35579 for Contains, Does-Not-Contain, Starts-With and Ends-With filter conditions.
  • issue 77677 for multi-selection filter extension (spec) which also extends ODF's <table:filter-condition> element (already approved for ODF 1.2).

File Format

The filter conditions need to be stored in ODF. The accepted proposal for ODF 1.2 adds the values

  • begins (begins with)
  • ends (ends with)
  • contains (contains)
  •  !contains (does not contain)

to the <table:filter-condition> element's table:operator attribute. Does-not-start-with or does-not-end-with are not handled.

Proposed additional '!begins' and '!ends' attribute values to the OASIS ODF TC.

The change was approved by the TC.


The first part of the Specification of this feature, and the change of the Dialog. Patch

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