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Download Files

Before starting to translate offline, you should make sure to coordinate the translation activity with your team.

If you want to translate offline, you need to download the files from Pootle and to upload them once translated. These options are available on the "Overview" tab page.

PootleGuide PrepairForDownload.png

You can download either the complete project files, or by folder, or single files. First select the folder in the tree-view on the left side of the "Overview" tab page, so that you see the content of the folder. Then click "Download". You need to wait a little bit, because the .zip file is generated on demand. In the situation shown in the picture you would get a file Notice that the filename contains the path as it is shown on the picture.

Work Offline

You can work with a preferred editor. Most commonly used editors by community are:

If you want to work with only fuzzy/untranslated strings, an extra step is needed to filter those strings from the downloaded .po file.

  • Run pofilter which is a part of Translate Toolkit. You can download Translate Toolkit from here
    • pofilter -t isfuzzy -t untranslated <input file> <filtered file>

This will extract all strings which are fuzzy or untranslated.

Once you finish working in filtered po file, you can merge it back into the original file using pomerge before uploading to Pootle.

PoEdit tips:

  • When a PO file contains both translated and untranslated strings, PoEdit will show untranslated (or partially translated by automatic matching, so-called "fuzzy") strings first. You can scroll down the file to see already translated strings if you want to be consistent with the terminology in use.
  • If you are a team, or you plan to have someone else review your changes, please note that PO files do not have a way to mark a translation as "to be reviewed". Most teams who want to review translated file before submitting them agree to mark new and modified translations as "Fuzzy" in Pootle, so that reviewers can immediately see what has changed and "unfuzzy" those strings after verifying that the translation is correct.

Upload Translated Files

Once translation is completed, you need to upload your work to Pootle.

There are three options of upload. Anyone has the option "suggest", logged-in users have the additional options "merge" and "overwrite".

PootleGuide Upload Anyone.png
PootleGuide Upload Commiter.png
All changes are treated as suggestions.
Default option for logged-in users. Previously untranslated strings are submitted and the modifications of already translated strings are marked as 'suggestion', which means they need a review before submission. If you make some modifications to existing translations (e.g., bug fixing), please make sure that they are reviewed and accepted by the reviewer. Unless, the modifications won't be applied.
The uploaded file overwrites the existing file on Pootle. This option should be carefully used as it has the possibility to lose existing data. If you make sure all the contents of your file are valid, you can choose 'overwrite' option for quick upload.
Documentation note.png Note: During uploading, you should make sure that you're located in the right folder. You should upload a .zip file in the same folder that you downloaded it from. If you upload a file to a wrong location, please contact a Pootle administrator.
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