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This wiki page serves as a portal to gather key information on events, projects and status on and about OpenOffice.org. This news gets also published with the OpenOffice.org newsletter.

The editorial deadline for the newsletter submission is the first Monday of every month at 4:00 pm CET.

In order to keep the newsletter small please follow the rules below.

The text should not be longer than 40 words and without images. It should be just an appetizer of the news with a link to the full story.

Date Submitter name/eMail Role News Title Description Link to Full Report
2011-04-04 Rafaella Braconi - coni@openoffice.org L10n project lead Translation Call for OpenOffice.org 3.4! The Localization schedule for the 3.4 release has been announced and is available at: Translation for 3.4 . April 27th is the translation deadline, don't miss it! --
2011-03-01 Rafaella Braconi - coni@openoffice.org L10n project lead Access TCM with the New Link! The Test Case Management tool, shortly known as TCM, has moved to the integrated infrastructure of OpenOffice.org. TCM - which hosts l10n test cases to quality assure the language versions, can be now reached from the following link: http://quaste.services.openoffice.org/tcm/tcm_login.cgi?tcm_config=newooo L10nNews
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