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This page summarizes useful information on the localization work needed for the 3.4 version.

Localization Schedule

  • March 25th - Translation can start based on the m103
  • April 27th - Final delivery deadline for GUI and Help
  • May 5th - CWS l10n install sets available to test language integration issues
  • May 5th to 16th - TCM l10n testing. Focus on new features
  • May 16th - last l10n fixes deadline.

Please note that with the switch to the Continuous L10n Process, you'll be able to verify your changes and translation updates at every milestone without having to do this all at once during the TCM l10n testing! More details read ContinuousL10n

Release map with translation deadlines specific for the 3.4 release can be found at: OOoRelease34.

For more details on process and tools please go to: L10n General Information

New/Changed Estimated Volume

UI: approx. 2800 words*
Help: approx. 13000 words*

Note: *new and changed volume after 3.3 release.

Translation Schedule

  • IMPORTANT: With the ContinuousL10n process and the new Pootle server you can start any time translating. The translatable content is updated and integrated continuously!.
  • IMPORTANT: Final delivery deadline is April 27th. Please make sure to upload translated files to Pootle by the translation delivery deadlines.
  • IMPORTANT: To all non-Pootle users: please make sure to upload the files to the locations as indicated on Pavel's list or to communicate any change (mailto

New 3.4 Features

3.4 Features

Distributing L10n Builds

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