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Arrange determines the stacking order of the selected object. Impress organizes objects in a stack so that the objects on a high level of the stack cover the objects on lower levels if overlapping occurs. To modify the position of an object in the stack, click the small triangle on the side of the Arrange icon to open the extended toolbar. The same arrange options described below are available from the right-click menu.

Arrange toolbar
The extended Arrange toolbar.

The first four tools work on a single object:

  • Bring to front: the selected object is moved on top of any other object.
  • Bring forward: the selected object is moved one level up in the stack.
  • Send backwards: the selected object is moved one level down in the stack.
  • Send to back: the selected object is given the lowest position in the stack.

The other three tools work on the relative positions of two objects:

  • In front of object: brings the selected object in front of the second selected object.
  • Behind object: brings the selected object behind the second selected object.
  • Reverse: swaps the stacking order of two selected objects.

To use the In front of object and Behind object tools:

  1. Select the first object by clicking on it.
  2. When the green handles show, select the desired arrange action.
  3. The mouse pointer changes to a pointing hand. Click on the second object.
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