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Returns the sum of the squared differences between corresponding elements of two matrices.


SUMXMY2(x; y)

x and y are arrays or ranges of the same size. SUMXMY2 calculates Calc sumxmy2 equation.png for the i elements in the arrays.
Advanced topic:
SUMXMY2 evaluates its parameters x and y as array formulas but does not need to be entered as an array formula. In other words it can be entered with the Enter key, rather than Cntrl-Shift-Enter. See the example below.


SUMXMY2(A1:A2; {2|1})

where cells A1 and A2 contain 4 and 3 respectively, returns (4-2)2 + (3-1)2 = 8.

Advanced topic (parameter evaluated as array formula):

SUMXMY2(A1:A2+1; {2|1})

when entered 'normally' (not as an array formula), and where cells A1 and A2 contain 3 and 2 respectively, returns ((3+1)-2)2 + ((2+1)-1)2 = 8. SUMXMY2 forces (A1:A2+1) to be evaluated as an array formula (internally returning the array {4|3}).

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