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Returns the product of cells in a column of a Calc 'database' table, in rows which meet specified criteria.


DPRODUCT(database_table; field; criteria_table)


database_table is a range defining the data to be processed.
field is the column to sum. It may be a column number (1 is the first column of the database table, 2 is the second …) or a column header (enclosed in quotation marks ””) or a cell referring to a column header.
criteria_table is a range containing criteria, which are used to select which rows of the database_table to sum.

The Database functions overview describes the use of these parameters in detail.

DPRODUCT multiplies together the contents of all cells found in the field column.


In this spreadsheet:

  A B C D E
1 Box size Dimension cm   Box size
2 A width 23   C
3 A height 19    
4 A depth 35    
5 B width 35    
6 B height 35    
7 B depth 19    
8 C width 23    
9 C height 35    
10 C depth 21    
11 D width 19    
12 D height 17    
13 D depth 12    

DPRODUCT(A1:C13; "cm"; E1:E2)

returns the volume of Box C - that is, the product of all cells in the "cm" column whose Box size is C (width * height * depth = 23 * 35 * 21 = 16905).


The OOo2.3 Help implies that 0 as a field will include the entire database table. This seems to be wrong - only a single column can be processed.

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