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The text table supports the properties described in the service com.sun.star.text.TextTable:

Properties of com.sun.star.text.TextTable
BackColor long - Contains the color of the table background.
BackGraphicFilter string - Contains the name of the file filter for the background graphic.
BackGraphicLocation com.sun.star.style.GraphicLocation. Determines the position of the background graphic.
BackGraphicURL string - Contains the URL for the background graphic.
BackTransparent boolean - Determines if the background color is transparent.
BottomMargin long - Determines the bottom margin.
BreakType com.sun.star.style.BreakType. Determines the type of break that is applied at the beginning of the table.
ChartColumnAsLabel boolean - Determines if the first column of the table should be treated as axis labels when a chart is to be created.
ChartRowAsLabel boolean - Determines if the first row of the table should be treated as axis labels when a chart is to be created.
HoriOrient short - Contains the horizontal orientation according to com.sun.star.text.HoriOrientation.
IsWidthRelative boolean - Determines if the value of the relative width is valid.
KeepTogether boolean - Setting this property to true prevents page or column breaks between this table and the following paragraph or text table.
LeftMargin long - Contains the left margin of the table.
PageDescName string - If this property is set, it creates a page break before the table and assigns the value as the name of the new page style sheet to use.
PageNumberOffset short - If a page break property is set at the table, this property contains the new value for the page number.
RelativeWidth short - Determines the width of the table relative to its environment.
RepeatHeadline boolean - Determines if the first row of the table is repeated on every new page.
RightMargin long - Contains the right margin of the table.
ShadowFormat struct com.sun.star.table.ShadowFormat determines the type, color and size of the shadow.
Split boolean - Setting this property to false prevents the table from getting spread on two pages.
TableBorder struct com.sun.star.table.TableBorder. Contains the description of the table borders.
TableColumnRelativeSum short - Contains the sum of the column width values used in TableColumnSeparators.
TableColumnSeparators sequence < com.sun.star.text.TableColumnSeparator >. Defines the column width and its merging behavior. It contains a sequence of com.sun.star.text.TableColumnSeparator structs with the fields Position and IsVisible. The value of Position is relative to the table property TableColumnRelativeSum. IsVisible refers to merged cells where the separator becomes invisible. In tables with merged or split cells, the sequence TableColumnSeparators is empty.
TopMargin long - Determines the top margin.
Width long - Contains the absolute table width.
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