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The text table supports the properties described in the service com.sun.star.text.TextTable:

Properties of com.sun.star.text.TextTable
BackColor long - Contains the color of the table background.
BackGraphicFilter string - Contains the name of the file filter for the background graphic.
BackGraphicLocation com.sun.star.style.GraphicLocation. Determines the position of the background graphic.
BackGraphicURL string - Contains the URL for the background graphic.
BackTransparent boolean - Determines if the background color is transparent.
BottomMargin long - Determines the bottom margin.
BreakType com.sun.star.style.BreakType. Determines the type of break that is applied at the beginning of the table.
ChartColumnAsLabel boolean - Determines if the first column of the table should be treated as axis labels when a chart is to be created.
ChartRowAsLabel boolean - Determines if the first row of the table should be treated as axis labels when a chart is to be created.
HoriOrient short - Contains the horizontal orientation according to com.sun.star.text.HoriOrientation.
IsWidthRelative boolean - Determines if the value of the relative width is valid.
KeepTogether boolean - Setting this property to true prevents page or column breaks between this table and the following paragraph or text table.
LeftMargin long - Contains the left margin of the table.
PageDescName string - If this property is set, it creates a page break before the table and assigns the value as the name of the new page style sheet to use.
PageNumberOffset short - If a page break property is set at the table, this property contains the new value for the page number.
RelativeWidth short - Determines the width of the table relative to its environment.
RepeatHeadline boolean - Determines if the first row of the table is repeated on every new page.
RightMargin long - Contains the right margin of the table.
ShadowFormat struct com.sun.star.table.ShadowFormat determines the type, color and size of the shadow.
Split boolean - Setting this property to false prevents the table from getting spread on two pages.
TableBorder struct com.sun.star.table.TableBorder. Contains the description of the table borders.
TableColumnRelativeSum short - Contains the sum of the column width values used in TableColumnSeparators.
TableColumnSeparators sequence < com.sun.star.text.TableColumnSeparator >. Defines the column width and its merging behavior. It contains a sequence of com.sun.star.text.TableColumnSeparator structs with the fields Position and IsVisible. The value of Position is relative to the table property com.sun.star.text.TextTable:TableColumnRelativeSum. IsVisible refers to merged cells where the separator becomes invisible. In tables with merged or split cells, the sequence TableColumnSeparators is empty.
TopMargin long - Determines the top margin.
Width long - Contains the absolute table width.
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