Table Naming, Sorting, Charting and Autoformatting

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Each table has a unique name that can be read and written using the interface

A text table is a XNamed. Its method createSortDescriptor() returns a sequence of structs that provides the elements as described in the service The method sort() sorts the table content by the given parameters.

The interface is used to connect a table or a range inside of a table to a chart. It reads and writes the values of a range, and sets the column and row labels. The inherited interface enables the chart to connect listeners to be notified when changes to the values of a table are made. For details about charting, refer to chapter Charts.

The interface provides in its method autoFormat() a method to format the table using a predefined table format. To access the available auto formats, the service has to be accessed. For details, refer to chapter Table Auto Formats.

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