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Ruby text is a character layout attribute used in Asian languages. Ruby text appears above or below text in left to right writing, and left to right of text in top to bottom writing. For examples, cf.

Ruby text is created using the appropriate character properties from the service wherever this service is supported. However, the Asian languages support must be switched on in Tools - Options - LanguageSettings - Languages.

There is no convenient supplier interface for ruby text at the model at this time. However, the controller has an interface that provides access to rubies contained in the current selection.

To find ruby text in the model, enumerate all text portions in all paragraphs and check if the property TextPortionType contains the string "Ruby" to find ruby text. When there is ruby text, access the RubyText property of the text portion that contains ruby text as a string.

CharacterProperties for Ruby Text Description
RubyText Contains the text that is set as ruby.
RubyAdjust Determines the adjustment of the ruby text as RubyAdjust.
RubyCharStyleName Contains the name of the character style that is applied to RubyText.
RubyIsAbove Determines if the ruby text is printed above/left or below/right of the text
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