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UNO provides a set of predefined, simple types which are listed in the following table:

UNO Type Description
void Empty type, used only as method return type and in any.
boolean Can be true or false.
byte Signed 8-bit integer type (ranging from -128 to 127, inclusive).
short Signed 16-bit integer type (ranging from −32768 to 32767, inclusive).
unsigned short Unsigned 16-bit integer type (deprecated).
long Signed 32-bit integer type (ranging from −2147483648 to 2147483647, inclusive).
unsigned long Unsigned 32-bit integer type (deprecated).
hyper Signed 64-bit integer type (ranging from −9223372036854775808 to 9223372036854775807, inclusive).
unsigned hyper Unsigned 64-bit integer type (deprecated).
float IEC 60559 single precision floating point type.
double IEC 60559 double precision floating point type.
char Represents individual Unicode characters (more precisely: individual UTF-16 code units).
string Represents Unicode strings (more precisely: strings of Unicode scalar values).
type Meta type that describes all UNO types.
any Special type that can represent values of all other types.

The chapters about language bindings Java Language Binding, C++ Language Binding, OpenOffice Basic and Automation Bridge describe how these types are mapped to the types of your target language.

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