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IDL type names can potentially conflict with type names of a particular language, or a name from one language could also be used in another language. In these cases, interactions between those language environments are prone to errors, because types are misinterpreted and incorrectly handled. To counter the problem, the bridge decorates all imported and exported type names. For example, the type a.b.c is transferred from one environment into a .NET environment. Then the bridge prefixes the name with a string, so that the name is unoidl.a.b.c When that type is sent back into the environment where it came from, then the bridge removes the "unoidl." prefix. Likewise, if a type that was defined in the CLI environment is transferred out of that environment, the name is prefixed with "cli." On return, the prefix will be removed again. For more information, see the concept paper Names in UNO. It can be found at: https://www.openoffice.org/udk/common/man/typenames.html.

When CLI types are declared, their names must not start with "unoidl." And types declared in UNOIDL must not start with "cli."

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