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The closure of an interprocess connection can occur for the following reasons:

  • The bridge is not used anymore. The interprocess bridge will close the connection when all the proxies to remote objects and all stubs to local objects have been released. This is the normal way for a remote bridge to destroy itself. The user of the interprocess bridge does not need to close the interprocess connection directly - it is done automatically. When one of the communicating processes is implemented in Java, the closure of a bridge is delayed to that point in time when the VM finalizes the last proxies/stubs. Therefore it is unspecified when the interprocess bridge will be closed.
  • The interprocess bridge is directly disposed by calling its dispose() method.
  • The remote counterpart process crashes.
  • The connection fails. For example, failure may be due to a dialup internet connection going down.
  • An error in marshaling/unmarshaling occurs due to a bug in the interprocess bridge implementation, or an IDL type is not available in one of the processes.

Except for the first reason, all other connection closures initiate an interprocess bridge shutdown procedure. All pending synchronous requests abort with a, which is derived from the Every call that is initiated on a disposed proxy throws a DisposedException. After all threads have left the bridge (there may be a synchronous call from the former remote counterpart in the process), the bridge explicitly releases all stubs to the original objects in the local process, which were previously held by the former remote counterpart. The bridge then notifies all registered listeners about the disposed state using The example code for a connection-aware client below shows how to use this mechanism. The bridge itself is destroyed, after the last proxy has been released.

Unfortunately, the various listed error conditions are not distinguishable.

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