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Community Council

The Community Council members are your representatives



Ideas related to the community? Tell us! is a great project and product. And of course there are areas in which improvement is possible. Or maybe really needed.

  • This page lists where work on improvement is going on, or where we know it is needed.
  • The page is to help being aware, not to set priorities nor to make a planning.
  • The page also is to show to you and others, what is going on.
  • For individual items, the council might be able to help with coordination, bringing people in contact, funding, and so on.
  • Any additions? Pls contact one of the council members. It helps us all to be aware.

Improving and being successful, does not happen as co-incident. It is a matter of focussing and awareness. Therefore the community council likes to be aware of all area's where improvement is possible. Not in the small details as issue #77777 or so, but in headlines.

From this page we link to possible other relevent sources or info. And to the pledges of our improvements and successes. And if anyone wants to help with a special item, pls look at the link (if provided) first, and don't hesitate to get in contact if needed.

Thanks for working together and for your help.

 pls only edit this page after discussing with (a member of) the community council.


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