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Lead: Kay Ramme, LiuTao Co-Lead: Xiuzhi Cheng

... by now OOo has been regarded as the only real alternative office suite, sometimes hard to build, often admired for its feature completeness, somewhat beaten because of the memory footprint, understood to have one of the most classical graphical user interfaces ever, loved to recover MS documents, and so on ...

The Modularization Project

Many words may be used for OOo, though small is not with them :-) OOo is a huge project, with lots of code and a more or less monolithic architecture.

It seems a hero is needed ... we want to move out to fill this position ...

... to Improve and Support Modularization of OOo.

The Build Wizard

A prototype of the Build Wizard may be started directly: Build Wizard


Meet us on IRC. Every Tuesday we do meet on IRC to discuss progress and state, goals and the weather.

Time: 3:00pm PEK / 9:00am HAM / 4:00am New York / 1:00am SFO


  1. Docbook support configurable. ( Just uploaded the unfinished extension )
  2. new configure tree node



Original wiki page of modularization
Here comes more goals

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