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  Resync to a milestone like DEV300m1 or later
  Resync to a milestone like DEV300m1 or later
  HTML tables needs investigation
  HTML tables needs investigation

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Modularization: View Model

Writer refactoring

As a part of our Writer refactoring we are planning to change the dependencies between the Writer model and its views.

The Writer model contains all paragraphs, tables, drawing object etc. and their properties. It is represented in the class SwDoc.

The class ViewShell represents visualizations of this model, every window (e.g. the normal document view, the print preview, the online view) needs a ViewShell.

The class SwRootFrm is another part of the view, it contains the formatting information for the document objects. I.e. for every visible object (character, table, drawing object...) it contains the position and size. The ViewShell calls its Paint(..) function to display document content.

Today's structure

Today we have the following structure regarding SwDoc, ViewShell, SwRootFrm...

Each SwDoc has a member pLayout which points to a SwRootFrm. It has no direct connection to a ViewShell.

Every ViewShell has a member pDoc which points to a SwDoc. It has no direct connection to a SwRootFrm.
The ViewShells are organized as a Ring, i.e. ViewShells with the same SwDoc are connected via pPrev, pNext pointers.

Every SwRootFrm has a member pCurrShell which points to a ViewShell. It has no direct connection to the SwDoc.


The layout (SwRootFrm) is logically a part of the view, but currently hosted at the model (SwDoc). If there are several views to the model, they have to share one layout. This results in the effect that views with different layout are impossible, e.g two online views or a normal view and a online view.


Moving the layout(SwRootFrm) from the model(SwDoc) to the view(ViewShell).

1. Step

Move member pLayout (SwRootFrm*) from class SwDoc to class ViewShell.
Create a function GetCurrentViewShell() at class SwDoc.
Establish a 1:1 relationship between view and layout.
Connect SwDoc and its ViewShells with a broadcasting mechanism.

2. Step

Solve all problems resulting from 1. ;-)



Move member pLayout (SwRootFrm*) from class SwDoc to class ViewShell.
Create SwRootFrm in ViewShell::Init(..)
new member mpRoot for all SwFrms for quick access to own layout
Move BrowserMode from SwDoc to ViewOption
Refactor Writer drawing model: every layout gets an own draw page
Resync with milestone src680m241
Add a new member function GetCurrentViewShell() to SwDoc.
Add a new member function GetCurrentLayout() to SwDoc.
GetAllLayouts for notifications to all layouts


Controls need virtual objects for multiple views

Next minor steps

Every occurrence of GetCurrentViewShell and GetCurrentLayout has to be investigated, e.g.
  SwDoc::PrtDataChanged()  (done)
Resync to a milestone like DEV300m1 or later
HTML tables needs investigation
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