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Writer Numbering Behavior

The Writer numbering is a complex behavior to handle chapter numbering (aka outline numbering), numbered lists and the very related bullet lists. This article is intended to document the development work done in this area starting with OOo 1.0.0 towards the most current OOo release. Detailed information is given in the linked specifications.

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Change History

OpenOffice.org 3.1

Outline level attribute

An outline level attribute for paragraph and paragraph styles will be introduced to improve the usability of the handling with headings and the export and import capabilities. Specification can be found here [1].

OpenOffice.org 3.0

New list level attributes

Introduction of new position and spacing attributes for the list levels of a list style in order to provide a new possibility to specify the position and spacing of the list label and the text lines of the list item itself. Specification can be found here [2]. ODF 1.2 proposal can be found here [3]. Allows better compatibility with the list levels of Microsoft Word list styles.

Formatting due to former list level attributes:


Formatting due to new list level attributes:


Internal changes to lists due to ODF 1.2

Refactoring of Writer core model of lists due to the made enhancements and clarification to lists in ODF 1.2 - approved ODF 1.2 proposal can be found here [4].

  • Different list items of a list are allowed to have different list styles.
  • Two Lists with the same list style are still two separate lists.
  • Improved continuation of an arbitrary list by another list.
  • Correct representation of OOo lists in ODF.

Refactoring also considers that support for meta data at lists and list items should be possible in the future.

Changes for Bullet Characters of the Default Bullet List

Bullet characters in font OpenSymbol are adjusted in order to better fit the ones used by Microsoft Word.

  • Unicode code points of the bullet characters now match the ones which are typically used for bullets in fonts.
  • Bullets are smaller than before.

Bullet characters are now growing/shrinking with the paragraph's font size for a default bullet list.


OpenOffice.org 2.0.2

This release implements a overworked numbering core.

OpenOffice.org 2.0.1

This first update to OOo 2.0.0 fixed some issues of the OOo 2.0.0 release:


OpenOffice.org 2.0.0

On the way to the major release of OOo 2.0.0 there were more and more numbering issues which could not be addressed with the numbering core of OOo 1.0.0 ++. Therefore the numbering core and GUI implementation got reworked in general for the OOo 2.0.0 release:


Due to time and resource limitations not all planned changes to UI and core got implemented. The issues which did not made it into the OOo 2.0.0 release got shifted into the numbering 2 specification for future releases:


OpenOffice.org 1.0.0

This was the given behavior of Writer numbering, when OOo got open sourced. This behavior stayed nearly untouched towards to OOo 2.0.0.

List of known issues in Writer numbering and outline


[Issue list .ods]

Issue-Tracker query

[Issue-Tracker query with keyword "numbering"]


2009-10-20: Wiki-table removed, added Issue-Tracker query

2009-10-18: added keyword "numbering" to issues, uploaded .ods including all issues

2009-01-06: update, list of issues known by Oliver-Rainer Wittmann, 2008-12-05

2007-10-18: initial list of issues known by Oliver-Rainer Wittmann (od@openoffice.org) --Od 16:29, 18 October 2007 (CEST)

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