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Writer Project

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Home for the accessibility work in the Writer.

Issue 88070 - Expose comments at the accessibility API for accessibility tools

Details about the enhancement issue 88070 - link to the intrinsic IssueZilla issue - in order to expose the comments of a Writer document.

The comments of a Writer document are also known as notes (prior to OOo 3.2) or annotations (OpenDocument file format specification, version 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2).

Working out the details is work in progress.

Proposal from joaniediggs (mailto:joaniediggs@openoffice.org) taken from IssueZilla issue

The document hierarchy seen by accessibility tool Accerciser for a comment which annotates a certain text position in the third paragraph of a Writer document should look like:

        -> ATK_ROLE_PARAGRAPH ("Annotation")
        -> ATK_ROLE_PARAGRAPH ("1st paragraph bold")
        -> ATK_ROLE_PARAGRAPH ("2nd paragraph italic")
        -> ATK_ROLE_PARAGRAPH ("3rd paragraph centered")
        -> ATK_ROLE_{TEXT,PARAGRAPH} ("Oliver-Rainer Wittmann")
        -> ATK_ROLE_{TEXT,PARAGRAPH} ("12/12/2008 15:01")

The scroll pane shall represent the comment by which the comment's position can be determined. Its children are the comment's content - paragraphs - followed by two texts containing the author and the date of the comment. The last children is a push button. In the user interface the push button is used to open a context menu with certain actions on comments.

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