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Contribute to the mailing list discussions

See the mailing lists guidelines.

Contribute to the Wiki

See the general Wiki Guidelines, then discover the specific User Experiences instructions for Wiki contributions.

Learn from the Documentation Project how to write and comment with style, and edit pages according to policy.

Contribute with Issue Tracker

Finding Issues relevant to User Experience

Upcoming sections:

  • Using the Issue Tracker
  • The "usability" keyword

Reacting to issues

Upcoming sections:

  • Add yourself to the CC: list
  • When and how to add 'issues@ux' to the CC: list
  • When and how to Request ownership of the issue

Managing issues

Upcoming sections:

  • Discussing issues in the mailing lists: best practices
  • Transferring content on the wiki
  • Do not let issues be forgotten

Solving issues

Upcoming sections:

  • Proposing solutions
  • Managing time and development resources
  • What to do once a solution is accepted?
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