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I am Oliver-Rainer Wittmann, working since July 2002 on and now Apache OpenOffice. My userId at former was My userId at Apache OpenOffice is Until August 2011 I was employed by Sun/Oracle as an software engineer. Since September 2011 I am employed by IBM as an advisory software engineer.

I am also a member of the OASIS ODF TC since December 2006. Thus, I am working on ODF standardization and ODF interoperability.


misc notes

  • External hunspell component contains certain path definitions into former installation/user directories. See hunspell-1.3.2/src/tools/hunspell.cxx
  • External mythes component contains patch file with former Sun copyright and license header
  • main/ooo_custom_images/industrial/README contains former Oracle/Sun copyright and license header
    • main/sc/source/ui/vba/testvba/TestDocuments-ooo-build/*
    • gid_Brand_Profileitem_Bootstrap_Errorreport_Server
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