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Tip.png Please add further tips to ensure a high quality of the translations.

Peer review

Review Suggestions

If you have got a Pootle account, you'll be able to accept or reject suggestions from other translators.

  • Select a project and your language.
  • To restrict the shown translations records to those with suggestions do one of these:
    • Click on "Review suggestions" in the "Overview" tab page.
    • Click on the number in the column "Suggestions" on the tree view in the "Overview" tab page
    • Choose the filter "Suggestions" in the "Translate" tab page.
If you first choose a folder and then set a filter, the shown translation records are restricted to this folder.
  • Go through the suggestions one by one. Accept or reject the suggestion. If the suggestion is accepted, it is submitted. If it is rejected, the existing translation will not be changed. Click on "Next string" without action to skip a suggestion.

Checkbox "Needs work"

Some teams want to have all new or modified translations reviewed. To make it different from suggestions from anonymous translators without account, they can agree to use the "Needs work" checkbox. In previous versions of Pootle this checkbox was labeled "fuzzy". So you find instructions to organize review by marking changes as "fuzzy" and let the reviewer "unfuzzy" it after verifying that the translation is correct. To filter for these changes use the filter item "Needs Work".

Show Pootle Warnings

PootleGuide OverviewDetails.png

Click on the left tab to switch to the Overview. Click on the Detail link to show, what Pootle considers to be an error.

PootleGuide OverviewShowDetails.png

You see a list with check categories and corresponding number of errors. Find a description of the categories here. Please examine especially XML tags -warnings very carefully.

Click on the category or on the number to get the list of translation records. Be patient; click on "continue", when your browser thinks that "a script has stopped working".

PootleGuide PlaceholderCheckFail.png

The translation record shows too, that a check failed.

PootleGuide PlaceholderCheckExamineText.png

And in the screenshot you can see, that Pootle is right in this example.

In case of a false positive warning, e.g. "Repeated word" warning for the English string "Dot Dot Dash" (which is a line style), you can click on the "No entry"-sign to remove this warning from the record.

PootleGuide FilterTypCheck.png

The list of failed records is available too from the "Translate" tab page. Select the item "Checks" from the "Filter by"-drop-down-list at the bottom of the page. It is the last item in the list. Now you get a second drop-down-list to select the check category. The number in brackets tells you how many translation records failed this check.

Check for Untranslated Strings

Sometimes it happens - I don't know the conditions – that the target string is copied verbatim from the source string and is not translated. Those records show not up as "untranslated" and you might miss, that they are still waiting for translation.

You can find them by using the filter "Check" with the condition "unchanged". In folder sbasic you will get a lot of false positives, because there are many lines with examples of program code, which need to stay untranslated. But carefully examine the results in the other folders.

Review Language Builds

A few weeks before the final release you will get a beta release in your language. Watch the localization mailing list for announcements. Encourage your local community to review the build carefully to catch all translation errors.

You can build OpenOffice yourself or ask a community member to do it for you, to get a localized build. But prior to building, the translated strings from Pootle have to be reintegrated into trunk. So ask for this on the localization mailing list, if you need an intermediate localized build.

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